Beaded Metal Stamped Coordinates Bracelet Tutorial


It's been a minute since I've written for the blog, although I've been a little more active on my YouTube channel. (Btw, have you subscribed, yet? Go ahead. I'll wait. (^ᗨ^✿) )
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I wanted my first post back to be a tutorial and because I'm in a metal stamping way lately, I though I'd share this tutorial for a beaded metal stamped coordinates bracelet.

I looked up coordinates for The Heartbeat but I realized I didn't have a quotation marks stamp (reminder: get punctuation marks stamp set). What I could use to replace it didn't look good, so I changed from Lat/Long N/W coordinates to decimal coordinates. (Just in case you're not sure where to find coordinates, I used the site What's My GPS to help me out.)

You can check out the tutorial in this video or you can skip down to see the written instructions.

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