The Continuing Dilemma of the Handmade Business


Last week I decided to keep looking into launching my handmade business. I went to the same place I mentioned in an earlier post but spoke to someone else. She was able to clarify the things I needed and what I would've needed if it were a brick and mortar shop. I felt relieved but there is one document which is an issue for me...for us.

We live on an avenue. We don't have a car so we rely on public transportation. The good thing about living on an avenue is that the bus stop is 2 minutes away. It's one of the reasons we decided to move here. This was pre-king though. Now that we have our king and now that he's an active toddler, we really want to move which is my dilemma.

First in a series: "Sky1 - Foundation" e-book Review


I have another book review for you, but this time I read a book for myself and not for my king. (◠ᴗ◕✿)   I love mystery/thriller/suspense, but I also love sci-fi/fantasy which is this e-book's genre. Usually, I like to stick with the people "I know" and because of that sometimes I can be a little hesitant with authors I haven't read. It's happened that I try a book based on its reviews and recommendations without knowing much about the author and then I couldn't even get past the first chapter. (I'm looking at you Shades of Grey).

The first chapter was beyond boring.

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