Rollercoaster of Emotions at the Maker Faire


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Rollercoaster of Emotions at the Maker Faire - ThatNewMommy

I have always read about the Maker Faire and it's always something I wanted to attend, but there weren't any near me until last year. I was so happy when I found out there was going to be a Mini Maker Faire here in Puerto Rico. I made arrangements as soon as I found out: looked for someone that would give us a ride and made sure to tell my partner so he could ask for the day off from work. I even told my sister about it so she could take my niece. It was such a good time. I was wowed by everything I saw and the kids had fun. Mini Maker Faire Caguas was a win.

When I found out about the Faire, I immediately went to the site to see if I could participate. I emailed the gentleman for more information but honestly I didn't have enough time to make the necessary arrangements: our ride was a small car and I didn't have enough inventory to sell. It was disappointing, but I told myself I would definitely apply as a merchant for the following year.

When their Facebook page made the call for the 2016 Mini Maker Faire, I was so on it. (^ᗨ^✿) First thing was getting BD to take the day off from work. He was so in with the whole idea, he went ahead and took vacation so he could help me prep. Not only did he arrange getting us a ride (yes I know, we REALLY need a car), but we discussed ideas for table set-up (I have never exhibited before), he was my second pair of eyes, he gave second opinions on what I should show, and of course he was going to pay the fee and help out with Little Man. As a matter of fact, I really wasn't sure if I should apply and HE was the one that told me even if I didn't sell anything, considering the fee as advertising at the fair was a good investment. I went ahead, applied and didn't hear from them. In the application process (which mentioned having to pay the fee), I had to send in a photo of my work and a link to my store so I thought maybe they were looking for something a little more "techy" and I wasn't what they wanted. I was slightly bummed but I understood and was okay with it. I was okay with it, until 8 days before the Faire.

Las Fiestas de la calle San Sebastián & Bomba


Bomba & Las Fiestas de la calle San Sebastian - ThatNewMommy

We have the longest Holiday season here in Puerto Rico. Like perhaps many of you, we start our Holidays right after Thanksgiving. Or on Thanksgiving. Or right before it. Let me explain: The Holidays begin with Thanksgiving but, at least in MY house, there is no decorating that day. The next day MAYBE. But most likely, decorations for the Holidays in my home will begin the two days after Thanksgiving. (After all, I need a day to rest from all that food). BUT, for some people, they start right before Thanksgiving to decorate. No offense to any of those but...come on, guys...TOO EARLY. LOL

So that's when our Holidays begin, but did you know they don't end on New Year's Eve? You may think they end on Three Kings Day, but that's not exactly right either. (Although sadly, there are some people that remove decorations by that day or the day before.) After Three Kings Day, we begin Las Octavitas/Octavas which is an 8-day celebration originally used to glorify the three Kings and baby Jesus. Nowadays it's a time when some people return parrandas they were not home for. Las Octavitas/Octavas are ended with Las Fiestas de la calle San Sebastián.
Puerto Rican Holiday Season - ThatNewMommy

Originally organized in the 1950s by a priest of the San José Church (to celebrate Saint Sebastian's feast day, raise funds for the parish, and restore San Sebastián Street), Las Fiestas de la calle San Sebastián (San Sebastián Street Festival) is nowadays mostly known as the celebration that ends the Christmas holiday season. This annual 4-day event is celebrated from Thursday to Sunday and begins with the traditional mass dedicated to Saint Sebastian and includes other traditional festivities such as the "cabezudos" parade, food vendors, artisans, musicians and traditional dancing.

2016 Goals


2016 Goals
2016 Goals - ThatNewMommy

It's already half a month in and this post should have probably been written sooner but with us still in the Holidays (nope, they're not over yet here), my current projects, me trying to figure out what I can do about N-E-Things, trying to reorganize our home, and just loving my king to death, I finally sat down to get this out. Fun fact: writing more often is a goal I have set for myself.  (◠ᴗ◕✿)

I still have my vision board but need to adjust the goals I had, basically to update them with what has been done and not been done so far but mainly to make sure they reflect my main life goal. In my last post I mentioned Salma Hayek's interview and how I wanted to feel fulfilled. Nothing comes quickly or easily but hopefully little steps towards it will help me reach that.

Not only do I have some personal life goals I'd like to reach this year, but I also have some blogging/writing goals as well. The purpose of this post is to share with you some of these goals I want to work on this year and the blogging/writing goals that are specific to this month. That way you can know what to (hopefully) expect from the blog and other social media I'm on.

How I Maintain The Blog


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