Pending Birthday


My king's birthday is coming up soon (less than two weeks - oh no!).  It lands on a Thursday so we'll have the birthday party the following Sunday.  I want to do something for Thursday, but he's still so young that I'm not quite sure what he'd enjoy.  There aren't that many places for babies either.   I do know I want to make him a smash cake.  I don't want to use too much sugar (or any sugar if possible) so I've been searching for a recipe I feel comfortable with. I also want a crown.  OF COURSE.

The Stay-At-Home-Mom


I have worked since I was 16 years old.  One of those summer jobs where they set you up some place to help out the regular employees.  Chuck E. Cheese's (oh CEC, so early in my life).  My dad's workplace.  Different positions: clerical assistant, waitress, store associate, machine operator, cashier, nail technician, embarkation officer, summer camp teacher assistant, operations manager, translator, tutor, and at one point I was a business owner.  Some jobs I liked, some I loved, some were just me needing to work.  I enjoyed working though.  That's why when I decided to become a stay-at-home-mom, it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. 

The Blog Post Backup Plan - Sharing Memes


I want to stick to my schedule but sometimes (like today) I just can't blog-blog, if you know what I mean.  For days like this, I have a plan.  I don't want to miss the day's post so I have some memes I've come across (a couple I created as mash-ups from others) that I've enjoyed.  I hope you enjoy them!

Exactly.  That's why I do it.  LOL

1st Birthday Invitations - Crayon Boxes


When I turned 5 years old, I was given a stuffed dog.  He was yellow with floppy blue ears and colored paws.  I still own him.  LM has a similar dog (more on how he came to own it on another day).  His is the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy.

Because of how this stuffed dog came to be in our lives, we decided to use it as a theme for LM's 1st birthday.  It's not actually something you can go and buy at your party supply place, but I thought crayon box invitations would be a good start. 

Knockoffs from Gemma Redux


After looking at all the inspiration over and over, I finally settled on these earrings from Gemma Redux.  The originals are gorgeous earrings.  I just don't have $343 just lying around.

First thing I noticed was that they're metal.  I really want to learn how to work with metal and thought it was a good challenge.  Of course I used an aluminum sheet instead, but it didn't quite work out as well as I thought it would so I opted for aluminum wire.  Originally, I also wanted to use something that I could replicate in resin but, as much as I tried, time wasn't on my side again.  Still, I'm not upset at the outcome. 

First Birthday & Another Challenge


I've been working on my baby's first birthday which is coming soon and looking for inspiration for the Knockoff Challenge from The CSI Project.

The birthday isn't going exactly as I wanted and hopefully that will change.  It's hard when you spend such a long time expecting something and then that's ripped away from you when you're almost there, but I've learned that when you're in the circumstances I'm in you've got to adapt (which does not mean completely give in/up).

Anyways, I've printed up and put together a couple of the invitations and have gotten positive responses from those who've received them.  They're clever invites and sort of go with the theme we've chosen.  I'm also working on a mini scrap-guestbook to have it as a keepsake. 

As for the Knockoff Challenge, I'm looking through different jewelry pieces (of course).  I don't want anything too simple.  I want a challenge.  I mean, if it's too simple then there really is no "challenge" involved, don't you think?

Hardware Store


I don't quite remember how I came across it (possibly following a link from a search engine or Pinterest), but there's this site called The CSI Project.  They hold weekly challenges with a theme they announce beforehand.  You submit a project from your blog to the challenge via a link and a guest judge will choose a winner at the end of the week.

A Pick Me Up


I came across this a while ago when I felt kind of like I wasn't keeping up or not doing well enough as a mom.  It made me feel somewhat better.  Lately, I've been thinking about some things that I feel I've missed out on and it's probably ridiculous, but I can't help the way I feel.  I thought I'd search for it hoping to feel better.  I originally saw this on Facebook and I don't know its author, but I wanted to share it.   Hopefully, it will make another mommy feel good.

When You REALLY Want Something


Today, Jordana Brewster (or as I call her Mia) announced the birth of her son, Julian.  Mia says that she and her husband, Andrew Form, are thinking about having kids.  She also says she's ready to have them.  What about Julian?  The couple had their first son via surrogate.  I think that's freaking awesome.

Drugged Man Deserves Brownie Points


I have to admit: I love videos that go viral.  If they don't, it's a good chance I'd miss them.  I mean I found out about the Harlem Shake parody like two or three weeks after it was made.  I'm not really on YouTube all that much so when I come across one of these videos, I enjoy them because I know it's something that will make me smile (or annoy me like that one video about some reality show on pastors). 

A Feel Good Moment


I normally don't sleep that great (we cosleep) but I've been sleeping worse since Tuesday.  I keep waking up during the night because of the same nightmare.  It's different scenarios but basically the same thing.  I keep waking up with my heart pounding in my chest and a knot in my throat.  I want to just let out a big loud cry but I just hug LM and kiss him.  Hopefully, it'll be over soon.  But, I read an article today that I prefer writing about.  Something good.

A Heated Rant


Today’s post is supposed to be about this year’s NaNoWriMo.  That post isn’t happening today, either.  Yesterday, was supposed to be a pleasant day because we were going out to buy some things for LM’s first birthday.  But, like most of the times, BD got on my nerves p!$$ed me the f#¢k off.  I am really trying to watch my mouth, but because it dealt with something that is very dear to me (my FIRST son’s FIRST birthday), it just made me want to physically hurt BD.

I WILL Blog Regularly


Well, here I go again…giving this blog thing a try.  This time I may stick to it. 
I've been a mommy for almost 11 months now (WOO-HOO!) and a stay-at-home mommy for about 5 months, I think.  It's not as easy as I thought it would be.  I mean, sure I'm at home, but at first it was this whole stay-at-home-mom vs housewife thing.  Baby Daddy for some reason thought it was the same thing.  It's not.  He just couldn't understand why chores weren't fully done and he definitely couldn't understand why I argued that he had to help out (something that started when I was on maternity leave).  Now mind you, he walks to and from work most of the time and I know it's tiring, but it's not going to kill a person to wash their own dishes or pick up after themselves.  I never agreed to be a housewife and I won't ever agree to it.  I have ONE child (without counting my four-legged ones, of course) and that's how it seems it's going to be for a long time. 

How I Maintain The Blog


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