My Non-Existent Handmade Business


Handmande Business Dilemma

Here's something that you may have not known about me: I have a handmade business. Well, technically I don't "have" the business, but in my mind I do. Let me explain. You may know that I like crafting. Well, I've always wanted to have a handmade business selling things I've made (starting with accessories), so a while ago I set up a Storenvy shop and a blog and other accounts for it. I never really promoted it that much or did anything outside of doing more of what I should have. The reason for this was that at first I was afraid (♫ I was petrified ♪ LOL ) but then once I started feeling more comfortable with my skills I thought, 'You know what? OK. I can do this.'

A Sick Baby & Mixed Media Beginnings


We had a worrying weekend with my king. He had a fever Wednesday evening. I don't really like to immediately go to the medicine unless absolutely necessary, so after some kangaroo care, the fever went down. On Thursday, he was fine. Our day went as normal, but then in the evening he had a fever again so we gave him some fever medicine. Unfortunately during the night though, he was hot again. 

10 Recipes for National Donut Day


Tomorrow is National Doughnut Donut Day. You thought it was the same thing, didn't you? I did. Turns out it's not. At least that's what I've read. National DONUT Day is in June and National DOUGHNUT Day is in November. 

Apparently the one in June is celebrated in honor of "Doughnut Dollies" while the one in November is celebrated in honor of the doughnut itself. The one celebrated tomorrow started on June 7, 1938 when Morgan Pett, a military doctor, helped wounded soldiers and gave them a free doughnut. He only had 8 dozen but after helping Lieutenant General Samuel Geary, Geary began a fundraiser with Pett to give every wounded soldier, as well as the needy, a free doughnut. this was later joined with the Salvation Army who had female volunteers provide doughnuts for the servicemen who referred to them as "Doughnut Dollies". Here's a quick video on them:

How I Maintain The Blog


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