Dear Diary, I had 3 Cabbage Patch dolls.


I had 3 Cabbage Patch Dolls
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Talking to a little girl I know, she asked me if I knew what a Cabbage Patch was. I was like 'Umm...YEAH!!!! They're awesome! They're from MY days.' (^ᗨ^✿)  She tells me she has one and asks if I had one when I was little. I get nostalgic and tell her I had three: a girl named Althea or something like that and two twin boys whose names I don't remember at all. When I look up, she's just wide-eyed looking at me. I don't know what I said. Was Althea (or whatever her name was) the name of a cousin of hers maybe? I ask her, 'What?' and that adorable little girl returns with a 'You had THREE?!?!?!'

When I got nostalgic I went to my little girl place, but when she gave me that response I snapped back to my adult place...and all I could think of was my dad. I had a little bit of a hard time getting out the word "Yeah". Before I was a mom, I appreciated him. Now that I'm a mom, even more so. When he was around I appreciated and loved everything he did for us, especially because I hated how my mom held us over him. I hope to the universe I showed him my appreciation at least with "thank you" because when he left, I was a teen. They say teens are moody and, as adults, we're supposed to overlook it. I think I was kind of stank that night, so I hope he overlooked it.

February 2016 Goals


2016 Goals
2016 Goals - ThatNewMommy

Although I didn't complete all of my January goals, I'm pretty content at what I did do.  I mean,  TECHNICALLY I DID get 60% of it done.  Not bad, right?  (^ᗨ^✿)   Okay, so I got the easy part done.  I want to do a lot better in February when it comes to those actual writing (and recording) goals.

How did I do with those January goals?  Check it out here:

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