Finale, Parts 1 & 2 - Project Runway recap (14x13, 14x14)

Finale, Parts 1 & 2 - Project Runway recap (14x13, 14x14)
Project Runway Season 14 Designers

What did I say last time about myEdmond? You have to admit it was pretty obvious. Maybe not as obvious as what did NOT happen to someone in The Walking Dead "Thank You" (6x3) episode (I insist Glenn did not die), but still obvious.

As usual, during the first part of this two-part finale, the designers show the judges a mini-collection to be critiqued before the big show. I think Candice's mini-collection was kind of cute although not something I'd go for (but I'd make an exception for that black leather dress). But as I've said before (and during this first finale episode): #DesignerKelly FOR THE WIN!!! (^ᗨ^✿) 

I know the judges didn't really feel it that much, but the mini-collection made me think Kelly's full collection was going to be great (and it was). During the showing of the mini-collections, I thought both Kelly and Candice were going to have great shows at New york Fashion Week and the Project Runway Season 14 win would probably have been between either of them. And I think we all know which one I preferred to win. In case you didn't. catch the vodcast of the two finale episodes and my thoughts on this season's win:

I don't want to sound like a jerk but the truth is, Ashley's collection wasn't great. I mean, it wasn't even up to par with what she did in the beginning of Project Runway. Her portfolio was better! She did NOT have the best collection on that runway. I know, I know..."You've been pro-Kelly since the beginning!" Yes, true, but can we really say Ashley's show WAS better? The only reason I feel she won was because she did a plus-sized collection.

Let's pretend she didn't make a plus-sized collection and compare it to the other three. Would she have won? Nope. Sorry, but she wouldn't have. On the other hand, let's pretend the other collections were also geared towards plus-sized women. Would she have won? I can bet you she wouldn't have (especially not with that crafty looking skirt she closed with). So why did she win? Because she made a plus-sized collection.

I'm not exactly skinny and I think fashion should be for people of all ages and all sizes, but how are you going to tell me those looks made up the winning collection when I know she can make clothes that look like this:
Images from Project Runway's Ashley Tipton's Portfolio

All in all, it really wasn't the best Project Runway season. And not because it didn't really have much drama (I'm totally okay with drama-less reality competitions) but because it lacked the competitiveness among the contestants. I feel a lot of them were ladeedah about the whole thing. Not to mention a lot of them were also emotionally not ready for competing. I feel like those designers used to be the little kids that cried when they lost at some game. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Or maybe they have gone through life without a reality check and then couldn't handle when they got a couple of those during the show. Smh.

This is what my Fantasy Project Runway scorecard looked at the end of the first part of the finale episodes. I may not have called it but I think I came in pretty close. (◠‿◕✿) 

Fantasy Project Runway Season 14 Scorecard - Finale, Part 1 (14x13)

What did you think of the Project Runway NYFW shows? What did you think of the win? How awesome was that turquoise sequin fanny pack? (^ᗨ^✿) 

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