Hi, there!!

Although I always loved being in the kitchen, eating AND cooking, I wasn't all that great at it...well, the cooking part. I LOVED baking. THAT I was ok in. Then I got interested in baking and decorating cakes. I sucked...I wanted to be Duff Goldman and I was soooo not him. But, THEN I discovered cupcakes...and I fell in love.

Hi, I'm BrightEyes co-owner of Cyber-Box, a cybercafe that specializes in cupcakes. That's MY area.

But, besides baking my cuppies, I love doing a whole bunch of other things. I love reading and am very into movies/TV. I also LOVE fashion, make-up, shoes...(I just remembered I have The Fashion Show on my DVR to watch tonight!! WOO-HOO!!) I won't continue about the things I like cause I can go and on and on.

I'm everywhere in my somewhere. But, whatever it is I do...it's always my cup of cake.

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