2016 Goals

2016 Goals
2016 Goals - ThatNewMommy

It's already half a month in and this post should have probably been written sooner but with us still in the Holidays (nope, they're not over yet here), my current projects, me trying to figure out what I can do about N-E-Things, trying to reorganize our home, and just loving my king to death, I finally sat down to get this out. Fun fact: writing more often is a goal I have set for myself.  (◠ᴗ◕✿)

I still have my vision board but need to adjust the goals I had, basically to update them with what has been done and not been done so far but mainly to make sure they reflect my main life goal. In my last post I mentioned Salma Hayek's interview and how I wanted to feel fulfilled. Nothing comes quickly or easily but hopefully little steps towards it will help me reach that.

Not only do I have some personal life goals I'd like to reach this year, but I also have some blogging/writing goals as well. The purpose of this post is to share with you some of these goals I want to work on this year and the blogging/writing goals that are specific to this month. That way you can know what to (hopefully) expect from the blog and other social media I'm on.

Personal Goals

Two of the things I'd like to do this year are take a class with my king (not sure what yet, but I'd like for us to pick up some sort of extracurricular activity done with a group) and...this is a biggie...decide if I want to have a second child.

I love ADORE my king. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me in forever. But sometimes when we're out, he gets so excited and just gushes over babies and other toddlers so I get to wondering if he'd like a sibling. I was an only child for nine years and although I had my cousins, I enjoyed having siblings (by the time I was 12, I had two). I'll ask my king if he would like a baby in the house and he'll say yes. Then at home, I'll ask and he'll say no. (Although, in all honesty, it may be because at home I always ask either when we're nursing or in bed about to go to sleep. My king is no fool. (^ᗨ^✿) )

Another personal goal I have for this year (as you read in my Goodbye 2015 post) is to love me more. Little by little I've lost me and I would like to get her back. Not only do I plan to do this by taking care of myself a little more (getting my groove back on with my dance exercises) but I want to do special things for me every once in a while. Every once in a while meaning, hopefully, every week. Which brings us to:

Blogging Goals

I want to share those weekly little things I do for myself on Instagram. My first gift to myself was a watch I saw on Pinterest that I loved. I just thought it was funny and SO ME. I found it online and decided it would be my first step in this whole loving me again process. I have yet to share it but will so as soon as this post is up. I will be using the #52giftstome and would LOVE for you to join me (even if you already love yourself).

Ok, so #52giftstome isn't exactly blogging, BUT I do have an actual blogging goal and it's to blog at least once a week. This would be an actual post. I have different themes in my editorial calendar I'd be writing about. It's something I started a while ago in a paid writing site that was just mixed reviews among its writers. I had a Dear Diary section, an AskThatNewMommy section, among others. Whatever my mind and hands agree on typing will be done at least once a week.

Does that mean they'll only be one post a week? Not exactly. I have my Youtube channel and I definitely want to be more attentive to it because I really enjoy doing those videos. I was having technical issues in the beginning, but I think I know a little more about the technical stuff to allow me to make more videos. I want to keep making the ThatNewMommy Makes videos because those are with my king (most of the time) and they're just fun to do. I also want to stick to my review videos and just alternate them while adding one more thing to review. Something that I REALLY like. You should susbcribe to my channel to find out what it is. (wink wink).

Mostly, I want to get comfortable with all of this. I like doing it but sometimes I get a little "shy" and it's so weird because "shy" isn't a word that I think would describe me in real life. (^ᗨ^✿)

January Goals

  • Complete the four #52giftstome Instagram pics for the month
  • Write at least 3 "regular" blog posts
  • Upload at least 3 videos to YouTube

Have you set any goals for the month or the year? Share in the comments or on Twitter!

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