Dear Diary, I had 3 Cabbage Patch dolls.

I had 3 Cabbage Patch Dolls
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Talking to a little girl I know, she asked me if I knew what a Cabbage Patch was. I was like 'Umm...YEAH!!!! They're awesome! They're from MY days.' (^ᗨ^✿)  She tells me she has one and asks if I had one when I was little. I get nostalgic and tell her I had three: a girl named Althea or something like that and two twin boys whose names I don't remember at all. When I look up, she's just wide-eyed looking at me. I don't know what I said. Was Althea (or whatever her name was) the name of a cousin of hers maybe? I ask her, 'What?' and that adorable little girl returns with a 'You had THREE?!?!?!'

When I got nostalgic I went to my little girl place, but when she gave me that response I snapped back to my adult place...and all I could think of was my dad. I had a little bit of a hard time getting out the word "Yeah". Before I was a mom, I appreciated him. Now that I'm a mom, even more so. When he was around I appreciated and loved everything he did for us, especially because I hated how my mom held us over him. I hope to the universe I showed him my appreciation at least with "thank you" because when he left, I was a teen. They say teens are moody and, as adults, we're supposed to overlook it. I think I was kind of stank that night, so I hope he overlooked it.

Tell a teen to turn down their music, right? I know I turned it down (it's how I heard the bang), but I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes. At this age and I haven't met a teen who hasn't rolled his or her eyes. Then he annoyed me when I asked him about the loud bang. He said he "just slipped". I mentioned the blood on his forehead and he said it was "nothing".

You were a teen once. You know when you know something is something, but adults are all like
I found these in an old photo album.
It has their names!
1st Birthday cards for Thea Emilia,
Eldon Abe, and Gabriel Washington.
And me and my dad.
"it's nothing"? I think I was so annoyed, I didn't even think about it. My dad annoyed me again when my mom called to ask if he left to pick her up at work. Yes, I know...he wasn't the one who called. The thing is I was annoyed because I had to leave my room again. I knew he hadn't left because he never came in to tell me he was leaving.

Our last moments weren't great. And as I'm thinking about it, I keep hoping I showed my appreciation at some time during our time together. I think I did. There was my Quinceañero, the Father's Days, just hanging out with some Mickey D's for my siblings, KFC for me....

I'm not one to say tell your parents you love them all the time because, let's be honest...some parents are assholes. Seriously. The yelling, the hitting...just because of their "nerves". Really? (ಠ_ಠ✿) Ever heard of anger management?

But if you truly, honestly, appreciate your parents...or anyone for that matter...let them know. If you can't show them, just say the words. Give an honest hug. Hmmm...hugs. Omg. I remember those. I remember giving those. I hope he knew what they meant because today, as a mom, I know those weren't just Cabbage Patch dolls.

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