February 2016 Goals

2016 Goals
2016 Goals - ThatNewMommy

Although I didn't complete all of my January goals, I'm pretty content at what I did do.  I mean,  TECHNICALLY I DID get 60% of it done.  Not bad, right?  (^ᗨ^✿)   Okay, so I got the easy part done.  I want to do a lot better in February when it comes to those actual writing (and recording) goals.

How did I do with those January goals?  Check it out here:

February Goals
  • Dance more (at least 1 hour a week)
  • Complete the four #52giftstome Instagram pics for the month
  • Write at least 4 "regular" blog posts
  • Upload at least 4 videos to YouTube

Have you set any goals you'd like to accomplish this February? Share in the comments or on Twitter!

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