Metal Stamped Geometric Brass Earrings Tutorial

I told my partner I loved my new earrings.  He said he noticed because I haven't taken them off.  (^ᗨ^✿)  What can I say?  They're big, they're different, they're fun.  It was a simple design I've been wanting to do for a while, especially since it gave me more practice not only with metal stamping but with my jeweler's saw as well. 
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The words I stamped on these brass earrings are an excerpt from the poem "A Julia de Burgos" by Julia de Burgos: 

...en mí manda mi solo corazón,
mi solo pensamiento; quien manda en mí soy yo.

Here's a video tutorial of the earrings.  You can watch it or you can go to the written instructions below.


Metal Stamped Geometric Brass Earrings

  • 24g brass metal sheet
  • jump rings
  • ear wires
  • permanent marker or ink (with something to apply it)
  • jeweler's saw (with blades for metal sheet gauge) 
  • cutting lube
  • bench pin and vise
  • letter metal stamp set
  • bench block
  • brass hammer
  • steel wool (#0000)
  • abrasive paper for metal
  • polish pad or cloth
  • straight tape (optional)
  • hole punch
  • two pliers (to open and close chain/jump rings)
  • metal file (to shape edges of metal strips)
  • rubber mallet
I had already sketched out my pattern on a piece of adhesive paper.  I then used carbon paper to transfer that to my brass metal sheet.  Using a pencil and a ruler I marked where my lines where going to be (instead of using straight tape).  I stamped my poem lines overlapping the edges of the earrings and once I was done, I used a rubber mallet to straighten the piece.
Once the lines were stamped, I removed the backing from the adhesive paper and used the lines as a guide to attach it to the brass sheet.  I marked over the lines on top of the adhesive paper just to be able to see them better when I went to cut it out.  With my jeweler's saw, I cut out the long edges first and then the shorter ones.
After the pieces were all cut out, I used a metal file to file away any edges that weren't completely straight and to round off the corners just a touch.  Moving from the coarser to the finest grit, I used abrasive paper to smooth out the edges, punched out the holes, and used Vintaj Patina to darken the impressions.
With steel wool (and a lot of patience due to the "swirly" font and hard blows) I removed the patina from the surface area of the brass earrings.  Then I sanded it with the abrasive papers and hit it with a polish pad.  I used the metal file to roughen up the back of the earrings and then covered it with embossing powder to give the back a cleaner look.
I attached the earrings to jump rings and then to the ear wires, but once I tried them on I decided to remove the jump rings and attach them directly to the ear wires.
Although a bit time consuming because of the metal stamping and the sawing, it was a project I really liked doing.  Of course, if you have someone to talk to as you're working, the time flies by (especially if that someone is a talkative little toddler (◠ᴗ◕✿)  ).  If you decided to make your own pair of geometric brass earrings, I'd love to see it!  Share it with me on Twitter or Instagram @ThatNewMommy or on my new Facebook page.

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