I have a thing...with "nice".

Sometimes people are so used to doing what they always do, out of habit or simply out of preference, that they don’t bother to try new things. Some people that DO go out and try new things realize they regretted trying it out in the first place. I think people are so funny that way. I like to take an “Ok, I did it. I won’t do it again” attitude. A lesson learned every day, I say.

Then, there are those things we really don’t have an awesome time doing, but a nice time. Nice isn’t a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. The thing is that around me it’s almost always nice. Nice turns into monotony and monotony turns into “Oh my Lord, I’m about to run out into oncoming traffic.”
I like what I like, I don’t like what I don’t like, and I don’t expect people to have those things in common with me. I have my reasons like I’m sure others have theirs, so it doesn’t bother me when we don’t share same interests. However, it DOES bother me when people don’t understand how their definition of an awesome time is not the same as mine.

I was caught during some down time at home (had just gotten back from the mall and was going to sit to a movie) when some friends invited us to go hang out at a nearby hole in the wall later on that night. Lips (my SO) asked if I wanted to go and since we were already dressed we decided to join them. (If I’m in my PJ’s already there are VERY few things that will motivate me to go out, this includes food). We hung out, relaxed a little, and laughed some. It was nice. I think like this: you go to the movies, to watch a movie; you go to the club, to dance; you go to a hole in the wall to possibly play pool, have a couple of drinks, and listen to music. Let’s be honest, it’s very difficult to just talk at a hole in the wall. That’s what brunch is for, is it not? LOL

So, one of my friends sat with me to talk over the live band that was playing…loudly. I have to sadly admit, I couldn’t make out some of what she was saying. She was so animated talking though, that after the 3rd time of my trying to signal her to repeat, I just nodded when she smiled and shook my head when she looked upset. It wasn’t like that the whole time, though. The band took some breaks and we could just chat and joke normally, but…well…it was that one time that I wish I knew what she was saying.

My body finally gave in and I signaled Lips it was time to go home. Reflecting on it today, I can say that it wasn’t nice. It was cool. Time that you can spend with your friends just shooting the breeze, without any drama, and without having to think about what you need to do at work or at home, or some personal issues that you may be dealing with…that’s ALWAYS cool. But, it doesn’t always happen that way. There are times that you want to rant, but there ARE times that you want to NOT think about anything important or significant. There were a couple of minutes were something affected me more than what they probably thought and I did my very best to hide it. Truth is that all in all, spending time with people you like, people that can make you smile and make you forget, is never going to be nice. It’s always going to be cool. And I think everyone would appreciate friends that can always give that to you.

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