Happy Fourth of July!!!!!

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!
BD is on vacation as of today.  I THINK I may have some time off to write and catch up on the things I want to do, but I'm not very optimistic about that.  Anyways, we've made plans for these days off.  Originally, we were supposed to go to a get-together with some old friends from college but the date was changed so we've decided to just go out on different outings with LM (of course, because I would never leave him behind).  We were thinking of starting tomorrow, but we've called my MIL and decided to start today.
We're taking LM (and your truly) to see Monsters University (I LOOOOOVED the original and LM loves the bright colors).  LM was such a great baby during Man of Steel.  It was his first movie at a theater and our first since The Dark Knight rises when I was already on my third trimester.  I remember enjoying the movie but wanting it to end because I could no longer sit.  As soon as it ended, I leaned over and whispered “no more movies”.  When we went to see Man of Steel I expected to miss the movie while I stepped out because of LM's crying.  WRONG.  Some OTHER kid cried like four times (he or she sounded older than LM's 8 months).  LM was a great sport.  It was his birthmonth present and first official Family Day outing.  Today we're going on our second (we want to make it a monthly thing), and it HAS to be Monsters University.
All this has got me thinking about scrapbooking, but I'm kind of broke, so it's going to have to be digital scrapbooking.  I should be fun since I'm not bad at Photoshop.  Anyways, this is it for today.  Btw, here's the camp calendar I'm using.  (Today, I feel I won't be writing either.  LOL)

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