Monsters University

Monsters University was awesome!! 
The animation was beautiful!  I mean, there was a scene where Mike and Sully are talking by a pond and it seemed as if I could actually feel Sully's fur.  Visually, it is beautiful.  Story wise, too.  I don't want to give anything away, but I kind of related to Mike.

As for LM...awesome, of course.  He napped a little, as expected.  He woke up and moved over to his daddy for a little before coming back to his favorite person, moi.  LOL  When he looked over at the screen...I would see he was all teeth smiling, but he was actually all two teeth and gums smiling.  He watched it for a bit before noticing a water bottle and deciding to play with it.  He likes to take them and run his teeth and gum along the bottom while making noises.  Since there was laughter it wasn't much of an issue, but once it died down we had to shush him a little, and he did.  Awesome baby.  Knows who his mommy is.  LOL

It was actually a pleasant day.  We got to hang out with my MIL and younger BIL, we watched the movie, had lunch.  Not bad.  Today we are just going to relax for a bit.  We were planning to go to "Parque de las Ciencias" (Science Park), but it was raining a little so we decided to just stay in and have a TV day.
I'm actually enjoying BD's vacation.  =oD

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