Camp NaNoWriMo

Answer:  YES.
WOO-HOO!!!  Okay.  So I had prepared a calendar for camp.  Everyday there's a certain word count goal I should achieve to complete my 50,000 words by the end of July.  I didn't divvy up the words equally, though.  I set my goals so that I'd be writing more in the beginning of July (Except for July 4th) and I wouldn't have to play catch-up towards the end.  Of course it's the 3rd of July and I have the feeling I'll be playing catch-up anyways since yesterday was actually the first day I started writing and I only got in 625.  BUT, in my defense, although LM did give me about half an hour of writing time while he napped, my back is still hurting. 
I'm doing that whole RICE treatment, except instead of icing it for 20 minutes every hour, I'm icing it until the ice melts and then replacing it.  Between that and the menthol gel I alternate with, I should be all set soon. {crosses fingers}
Anywho, a WriMo (that's what those participating in NaNoWriMo are called) set up some achievement badges, just like you'd have in a "normal" camp. It is a pretty extensive list, but I think it's a great idea.  It gives you something to strive for.  Of course, I already lost the write on the first day badge, but heeeeey...I don't really think I'm doing that bad for my first camp.  Technically, I COULD use the words I blog towards my word count (I would be what NaNoWriMo refers to as a "rebel" I think), but I want to use strictly count my novel's words.
Curious question: How can you find time to write for the blog, but not for camp?
Answer:  For camp, I need to sit and let it flow.  Not so much for the blog.  For instance, for this post only, I have stopped and gotten up at least three times.  I started this post half an hour ago.  LMFAO

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