The Avatar Not 100% Safe For Work

I joined a forum recently. One for teachers or those that "want to talk like one". It is the "the premier teacher network for parents and teachers to work together". I joined trying to help them get a boost before launching the program to teachers because "no one wants to join a forum that doesn't have anyone". I also chose this forum because I enjoy teaching. I loved working as a tutor and I love teaching my son. We already homeschool so I honestly thought this forum and I would be a good fit for each other. I was so, so , so wrong.

I signed up for the forum but didn't immediately post on it. On Wednesday, after finding a little bit of down time, I decided to check it out. It had some boards on lesson plans, homework help, organization, among other areas. I found an interesting thread that asked if online tutors could be considered teachers. I left my opinion on it and after a little bit of more surfing, I left the forum.
Today I log in to find that yesterday I was sent a private message regarding "Inappropriate Content". 

Now let me tell you, I CAN be inappropriate, but I know when it's not okay. Because communication is VERY different online without the use of gestures and faces and inflection, I try to be careful how I write what I write when I'm in forums or posting on other people's blogs. To find this message really caught me by surprise. The message included my post with the inappropriate content. I read it over twice and couldn't see the inappropriateness. I read it to my partner, THEN read the question with my answer and he couldn't find what was wrong either. So I wrote back asking what was wrong with it just so that I didn't make the same mistake (and I let them know that after looking for a while, I couldn't find the rules on the forum).
The reply I got was this:
I won't say what went through my mind (other than it started and ended with WTF) but I can't believe it. This is the what I was talking about the other day. And it is VERY upsetting. So you mean to tell me a woman breastfeeding is "NOT WORK SAFE"? That if a woman happens to have her child at the workplace she cannot breastfeed there. WTF kind of thinking is this?!?!?! What's worse is that this is for teachers. TEACHERS. You would THINK they wouldn't be'm going to be nice here so I'm going to say "overly dramatic" about a nursing mom.

Now before you start with "well, were you using a cover?" or "how much nipple was showing?" This is the FULL photo I have on my computer:
The avatar that shows up in forums (which, btw, was removed from this particular one) is this:
Not only is it "cartoonized", it has no nipple showing. I honestly feel bad for the nursing moms of wherever these forum owners work. How in the world is this not "100% safe for work"? smh 


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cathy jones on May 8, 2015 at 6:02 AM said...

I'm with you. It is totally ridiculous to censure an avatar like that, when you can turn on your TV or flip the pages of most any magazine and see more exposed flesh than you have showing there. Personally, I like the avatar. :)

That New Mommy on May 23, 2015 at 7:02 PM said...

Thank you. I haven't nor will I participate again with the forum.

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