Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Buy or Make

Mother's Day is coming and, although I'm not really looking forward to it, I thought I'd share some ideas for Mother's Day gifts. These gifts, like any other type of gifts, should be given with the recipient in mind. Sometimes people just give a gift for the sake of giving one without considering who they're giving the gift to. I'm a strong believer that it's the thought that counts, but sometimes I wonder just how much thought goes into the gift. For example, one time I received a box of chocolates as a gift. I remember a friend casually walking towards me and smiling. She softly said, "We BOTH know you're not going to eat that chocolate" and she put out her hand.

In all fairness, the person who gave me the gift may not have known that I don't like sweets (it was one of those secret gift giving things at work), but a quick chat with any of my friends there could've helped. (Although, I wonder if that particular friend would've said yes anyway so she'd get the chocolates. LOL) Along with the box of chocolates, she also gave me money. 

I find money so impersonal. Money, gift cards. Sometimes it says, "I didn't even try". I understand why some people give money and gift cards. They really may NOT know what the other person likes, so gifting these is like a fail-safe. Can't go wrong with money, right? Meh. There ARE exceptions, but these are rare.

When it comes to gift-giving, some people also consider how much is spent. The more we spend, the more they'll like the gift, right? Another "no" in my book. What's the point of spending hundreds of dollars on...I don't know...a gaming system given as a gift to someone who doesn't really like to play? Again, people are thinking about the MONEY put into the gift...not specifically the person receiving the gift.

Maybe it's me. Maybe I over-think this whole gift-giving process. I LOVE gifting. When I worked full-time, I would make a list of all the things a "giftee" would like and then set out to the stores to find something from the list. Sometimes I would find something I didn't even think of. When things got a little tighter I would turn to handmade gifts, not only because I'd spend less money but also because I had more free time to make something. Let me tell you, it is NOT true that giving something handmade is easier. Trust me, it is MUCH easier to go out and buy something than to sit for who knows how long to make a gift. 

Sadly, there are those that don't think of that. They prefer something bought. Sometimes I think that these kinds of people don't even deserve to be given any type of gifts. Maybe any "mandatory" gifts but one you can just buy quick at a drugstore or one of those pre-made baskets people sell at the side of the road. "A gift is a gift." Yeah, I know. But, like I said, it's the thought that counts and if someone I have to give a gift to is one who appreciates only certain gifts, well then a thoughtless gift to them.
Ugh. I rambled. Anyway, taking in mind the person you are planning to gift to (they're likes, dislikes, things they'd enjoy, things they do, etc) take a look at the list for some Mother's Day gift ideas. You'll find gifts you can buy or make among other ideas. You won't find ideas on travel gifts or anything like that because I can't gift airfare or a hotel stay anywhere to anyone, so a lot of these gift ideas are within the "stay-at-home-mom budget". ;o)

Click where you'd like to go or (better yet, lol) keep scrolling through!

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Gifts to Buy*

For the crafty mom
Grab n Go organizer from Amazon

Grab N' Go Rack System

Doodle book from Amazon

Daily Zen Doodles:
365 Tangle Creations for
Inspiration, Relaxation and Joy

For the book lover
Hand Bookends from Amazon1

Desktop Hand Bookends

Metal bookmarks from Amazon2

Set of 2 Metal Hook
Bookmarks with Pendant

For (coffee/wine/beer) drinker
Prescription bottle mug from Amazon

Prescription Coffee Mug

Sippy cup goblet from Amazon

Mommy's Sippy Cup Goblet

For the geek
Wonder Woman necklace from Amazon1

Wonder Woman Collar Necklace

R2-D2 lunch kit from Amazon1

R2-D2 Lunch Kit

For the fashionista mom
Jewelry holder from Amazon1

Two Lady Jewelry Holder and Stand

Cosmetics storage from Amazon1

Acrylic Jewelry and Cosmetic Storage

For the traveler
Scratch map from Amazon1

Scratch Map

Hanging organizer from Amazon1

Portable Hanging Bag Organizer

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Gifts to Make



















  • Handbags - This totally depends on the mom. I have ONE bag because I couldn't seem to find one where everything could fit well inside and I wasn't even considering paying $100s for a bag. I ended up making my own carryall. (It's in its last days though. Now my king wants to carry toys everywhere we go so I need to make something better).

    Flowers handbag

    "She Carries Flowers" Handbag
    from Tea Rose Home

    Duct tape wallet

    Duct Tape Wallet
    from Craftionary

    Urban handbag

    The Urban Jungle Bag
    from Sew Sweetness





















  • Jewelry - Before attempting any of these (or any others you may find online) take into account the mom's tastes. Observe. What colors does she use? What type of jewelry does she usually wear? DOES she wear jewelry? I love fun bright jewelry, but I haven't worn any for a while because they suddenly become playthings while I'm waring them. ;o)

    Rosette necklace

    Rosette Necklace
    from Everything Etsy

    Pyramid earrings

    Knockoff Pyramid Earrings
    from mad mim

    Chalkboard necklace

    DIY Chalkboard Necklace
    from hello natural


















  • Home Decor - This totally depends on the mom. I have ONE bag because I couldn't seem to find one where everything could fit well inside and I wasn't even considering paying $100s for a bag. I ended up making my own carryall. (It's in its last days though. Now my king wants to carry toys everywhere we go so I need to make something better).

    DIY magnets

    Mother's Day DIY Magnets
    from Sundae Sins

    Clay jewelry dish

    Clay Jewelry Dish
    from Fiskars

    Photo throw pillows

    Family Photo Throw Pillow
    from Better Homes & Garden

    Painted canvas

    Mother's Day Canvas
    from Craftionary






















  • Bath & Beauty - I know of no mom that doesn't like a little bit pampering even if it's self-pampering. Not saying they don't exist....I just don't know any of them.

    DIY foot soak

    Handmade Foot Soak
    from Or so she says

    DIY body scrub

    DIY Body Scrub
    from Deliciously Organized






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Gifts to Spend (Time)

  • Day Off - Come on, now. Who WOULDN'T want a day off? Even if mom isn't a SAHM, I'm sure she'd love a day where she has to do absolutely nothing but relax. This means no dishes, no cooking, no picking up toys, no visiting mother-in-law uness she wants to...add breakfast in bed. That is always a winner. Btw, did I mention no dishes? ("No dishes" does NOT mean leave them so she could do them the next day. Been there. Not cool.)
  • Mom Day - sometimes couples don't enjoy doing the same things. Why not do the things SHE truly enjoys on her day? Enjoy the time being spent together. (This means, no I'm-bored faces. Practice that before HER day. Been there. Not cool.)
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Gifts from Kids








  • Storybook - Great idea for older children. Let their creativity run wild as they write and illustrate a story just for mom. At bedtime, THEY can do the story reading to HER.

    DIY kids flap book

    Flap Book
    from Wayward Girls' Crafts
    (Extra bookstyle towards the bottom)

    DIY kids paper bag book

    Paper Bag Book
    from Rosy Posy
    (Adapt to Mom's Day)











  • Flowerpots - Have the kids decorate some flowerpots. Then, they can either plant seeds or better yet you can get some inexpensive flowers and transfer them to the decorated pots.

    Hand painted kids flower pot

    Handpainted Flower Pots
    from penny pinchin mom

    Painted kids flower pot

    Rainbow Pour Painted Pots
    from dilly-dali art

    Painted kids flower pot

    Footprint Butterfly Flowerpot
    from Mama.Papa.Bubba


















  • Faux Flowers - If mom doesn't have the gift of s green thumb, then give the gift of faux flowers made by the kids.

    Kids Coffee filter flowers

    Vibrantly Colored Coffee Filter Flowers
    from Fun at Home with Kids

    Kids Origami flowers

    Swirly Paper Flowers
    from Wonderful DIY













  • Show - if you have multiple kids they can put together a show for mom. Include younger kids if you have them. A super fun idea? Have them play mom in different scenarios.

    DIY puppet theater

    Doorway Puppet Theater
    from Sew Many Ways...

    DIY PVC backdrop

    PVC Pipe Backdrop
    from Wedding Bee

    Downloadable masks

    Dozens of Downloadable Masks
    from Super Punch
































  • Photo frame - have kids decorate a photo then choose a photo to put in it.

    Kids DIY toilet paper roll photo frame

    Toiler Paper Roll Painting
    from Creative Carmella
    (Kids can paint the canvas board any way the like then just add the chosen photo on top.)

    Kids DIY popsicle sticks photo frame

    Popsicle Sticks Photo Frame
    from Squigly's Arts & Crafts













  • Handmade Jewelry - I would brag about the necklace or bracelet my king made for me wherever I went. You can use bought polymer clay or homemade oven clay for a thumbprint necklace (or cell phone charm, keyring, etc). If they're a bit older, they can make their own beads (with the homemade or store-bought clay) or charms and make a bracelet.

    Kids DIY thumbprint necklace

    Thumbprint Necklace
    from The Crafty Crow
    (I suggest trying with silver colored clay and adding beads to the necklace/fob. You can also run a crayon over the print to give it some color.)

    Kids DIY Shrinky Dinks Bracelet

    Shrinky Dinks Beaded Bracelet
    from Growing Kinders







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If you still don't know, ask. This needs to be used with caution, though. Try to REALLY think about a gift before doing this. Why? Because you may be replied to with an "I don't know" or, worse yet, an actual answer. Why is an actual answer worse? Because it may be something you don't like. Even if it is, the best thing you can do is respect her wishes. Not doing so is disapointing and it's kind of messed up for a mom to be disppointed on Mother's Day. (Been there. Not cool.)


*("Gifts to Buy" contains affiliate links. Read full disclosure here.)


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