Making a House a Home - Glad OdorShield with Gain Product Review

If you follow me on Twitter (or Facebook or YouTube)...I'll wait while you go and follow and subscribe if you don't already, go ahead.... Good. LOL So, if you follow me on those sites you may know I do product reviews. I have done written posts on products on other sites which, if you'd like, you can check out through the "Other Sites" link in the menu bar above. But, I've had certain plans for this blog (other than "life" posts) and I thought I might as well start now to just write those reviews here. I'm going to start with these Glad OdorShield with Gain trash bags I received free from BzzAgent. Yes, I know...trash bags. I thought the same thing "woo-hoo...trash bags" (sarcasm included, of course), but hear read me out. They're neat.

One of the things that I've been loving the most about this particular campaign is that it's not just about the product, it's also about your house, or rather, what makes your house a home. 

I don't believe material things necessarily make a house a home, BUT there are things that make my house feel full as I mentioned in my YouTube challenge/haul video. One of those things is that I like my house to smell nice. Not too much that it smells like you're living inside a flower shop or riding a giant peach, but just a whiff of something nice here and there. There are a couple of ways I like to do this.

The most important room is the bathroom. Just's a bathroom and people visit and they're all ages and it's a bathroom. Yeah, you mommies know what I'm talking about. (◠ᴗ◕✿) I have a small bathroom so I like a small freshener like the Glade Touch & Fresh:

I have one right by the light switch by the door, so that when you're on your way out it's a quick push and that's it. 

In the bedroom and craft/office, I like a light scent so I like to use the Febreeze Noticeables:

I like these because it not only switches up the scent but you can adjust how little or how much you want. I particularly like the Serenity in the bedroom and the Cinnamon Sugar in the office.

Because we have an open living/dining/kitchen area, I use this automatic air freshener from Air Wick:

I also use this in the nursery (which it's more like a playroom because we co-sleep). There I use the Baby Magic scent or any "clean and fresh" scent. 

In what I call the "front of the house" I like to use Apple Cinnamon (my fave scent) and because I don't like overpowering scents in the kitchen I keep the Freshmatic at the furthest end of the living room. This is one of the reasons I am loving these Glad trash bags:


Not only are they sturdy enough for everything we stick in there (what can I say, I like to craft and am raising a mini-crafter) but I am liking this whole "stink-control" these bags have going on. If you have, you know....odors (yes, diaper pail, I'm looking at you), these OdorShield bags help with neutralizing them. The Gain? Now I totally get why that commercial has that man sniffing the carpet. LOL It's a nice scent strong enough that you can smell it when you're by the trash can but soft enough that it doesn't mess with yummy kitchen scents.

I'm not just using them in the trash and diaper pail, either. I'm also using them to store comforters we're not using (yes, there WERE nights that were comforter-using-chilly night) and...well...somewhere else.

If you haven't tried these bags, I think you should. How do you keep your home smelling nice?

DISCLOSURE: The Glad OdorShield with Gain trash bags were a gift from Glad in exchange for my review. The views and opinions expressed in this video are solely my own. I am not an expert on any topic, product, or service. These are my honest opinions on my experience with the topic, product, or service being reviewed. This post also contains affiliate links know, I'm a blogging stay-at-home-mom. (◠ᴗ◕✿) You can read the full disclosure on my disclosure and privacy policy page here.


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