Many Hobbies, One Passion

When I used to work I never really had time to spend on my hobbies.  The only one was reading because I'd do it while on the bus, train, on a break at work, or before bed sometimes.  When I gave birth and became a stay-at-home-mom, I thought I'd have more time for them, but little did I know about the famous "when baby naps, you nap."
Sometimes because of my projects and unexpected situations, I don't get to work on my hobbies as seriously as I'd like.  (Confession: I'd LOVE to do a couple of them for a living.)  But still, I love the times when I can just "play with my toys".

My king takes part in some of them...most of them...and he enjoys them as well.  I think that's the best part.  That I can enjoy my hobbies with him.

I LOVE reading.  Mysteries/suspense/thrillers and sci-fi/fantasy.  Of course, my king and I read a lot of kids books too.  LOVE those.  (And at bed time...I'm reading LOTR.  LOLOL  He grabs the book, grabs a boob, and just lays on my chest while I read.  Sometimes, of course, I have to change names to Thomas, James, Percy, and Gordon...but that's okay.)

Besides reading, I love photography, crafting (that's polymer clay and my gloves...the gloves don't mean a hobby is being Dexter), baking (couldn't get my mixer in the photo so a spatula is substituting), writing, and as of about 8 months or so I've gotten into mixed media.  

When it comes down to it, they all basically fall under one main thing which is what I'm passionate about: creating.  It's just so..."woosah-ing".  LOL  Sometimes creating gets me stressed or annoyed or irked because something may not be coming out the way I planned, BUT at the end...when you see what you've made...that "I made that" feeling?  Sooo worth it.

I, I believe...EVERYONE should create.  Doesn't matter how, doesn't matter with what.  I just feel that you can't go through life without creating.  I think everyone needs that kind of happy in their life.
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