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After days and days and days of figuring out how to work the programs to create the app I wanted, I finally got the hang of it.  I realized there was quite a bit of information I wanted to put in, so I left the app alone.  Then, I used an app to make apps and made a SECOND app...which I liked a bit but it wasn't up to date so I left that, too.  Correction: I didn't leave these apps, I put them on PAUSE.  I wanted to make one I could make easily and that could be at least slightly useful.  I just wanted to see what was the whole process of making and publishing an app.  I was watching Project Runway (Go Justin! Go Braden!) when the idea for my app hit me.

Colors.  I like to check out what's trending and what's showing at Fashion Week.  Whenever a new season rolls around, I like to see the trending colors of that season in case I hit a creativity block whenever I'm making anything.  So I thought, well it would be handy to have that when someone is out shopping. 

The app is not fancy or anything.  It has a very simple look and it's basically just two parts (without counting the "About" and "Contact" pages): seasonal colors and color of the year.  I've included trending colors for the spring and fall season of 2013 and spring season of 2014.  As for the yearly colors I have included those chosen as far back as 2010.  As time goes by and more seasonal and yearly color trends are announced, I'll be updating the app with that information.

One of the things that gave me most difficulty was the ads aspect which was frustrating because that's where I was supposed to get some income.  (I'm aware it's not great, but I'm happy with $0.01 because all of this is just me trying out something new).  Anyways, at first the coding was giving me problems.  Then when I tried out the app in the emulator, the ads didn't show up at all.  I decided to publish the app anyways.  It took a couple of days for certification.  I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I hate the waiting game.  I just can't deal with it.  It reminded me of that King of Queens episode where Doug kept watching the stock market.  Although I would try to forget about it I just couldn't help but keep checking on my developer's app if my app had passed certification.  My partner was the one who called me and told me that it went through.  It was so exciting.

I read a post once in a women entrepreneurs group that you should use "I am".  That once you start using "I am" you start internalizing that and it helps you reach your goals.  Instead of "I would like to..." you use "I am..."  I am happy to say I AM officially an app developer.  I want to create a "pro" version of the app and of course go back and finish my other two.  Later, I'd like to try developing apps for the other platforms.

In the meantime, if you (or anyone you know) own a Windows Phone, download "A Season's Colors".  ;o)

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