National Craft Month - Day 12

National Craft Month - Day 12
National Craft Month - ThatNewMommy

When you live in a rented home, sometimes painting walls isn't something you can do. That's when I turn to decorating the walls with things I can easily put up and take down. That way, if I move I don't have to worry much about repainting the walls to make them white again (or sadly, peach in one case and a horrible old mint green in another).

That's why making wall art from fabric is great. You can use any fabric you want (affiliate link) and it's easy to make. In today's video tutorial for National Craft Month, OnlineFabricStore shows you how to make this type of wall art using fabric and canvas stretcher bars (and tools, of course). You don't NEED to use the stretcher bars. I've used pre-made canvases and (when I couldn't find the size I needed) cardboard. It's basically the same technique as shown in the video.

What I especially love about this is that not only is it quick an easy, but it's so simple to change just in case you change the room's look and who doesn't like simple?

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