National Craft Month - Day 23

National Craft Month - Day 23
National Craft Month - ThatNewMommy

I mentioned being a notebook hoarder the other day and the video for Day 23 of National Craft Month is about revamping...notebooks. I wouldn't do this to any of my cute notebooks because...well, they're cute, BUT I can see this being done to some of those other boring notebooks. (◠ᴗ◕✿)

Today's video comes from FimoKawaiiEmotions. It's a quick video tutorial which shows you how to turn your boring notebook into a neat "liquid" notebook. I think this is something that older kids would enjoy doing (with adult supervision due to the use of cutting tools and iron).

I probably would not have been able to use this notebook when I was in school because I would've been so distracted playing with it. Lol

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