National Craft Month - Day 27 & 28

National Craft Month - Day 27 & 28
National Craft Month - ThatNewMommy

Hope you had a fun Easter! My king and I went to our usual Sunday breakfast with his dad who had the day off. We gave him his Easter basket there and he flipped. He had been counting down the days to Easter wanting to do an egg hunt (he saw me buy the eggs) but I don't think he expected an Easter basket. He flipped not so much for the basket but because inside it had a Thomas Rollers 3 pack and some M&Ms. It also had a bag of Thomas Minis which made him flip again. (^ᗨ^✿)

We went home were he found a giant Easter egg I made out of a balloon and newspaper. THAT he really didn't expect and he absolutely loved.  Especially since it had more Thomas Minis hiding inside. After his aunt and cousin arrived, we went down to the park and had our Easter egg hunt. It had rained earlier in the morning but the sun was out. At least long enough for the kids to find their eggs. As we were sitting opening them to see their goodies, a heavy rain started to fall. We ran for the one of the baseball dugouts but by the time we got there, it stopped raining. We decided to just head on home to play and grill some burgers and hot dogs for lunch. My king fell asleep as soon as they left a few hours later. He had a great time. That means I was happy. (◠ᴗ◠✿)

Anyway, that is why today I will be sharing two videos. One for National Craft Month Day 27 and the other for Day 28. I love making fun stuff for my king and I love it even more when he joins in on the fun. These two videos are something you and your little one can do using cardboard boxes. The tutorials are fun to watch and it seems like a fun process. They're from Box Yourself which is a channel dedicated to just that: boxes.

Box Yourself has a lot of great videos for a bunch of different things and I'm sure if you have a creative little on at home (or on visits) they would love to grab some boxes and give a few of those tutes a try!

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