National Craft Month - Day 25

National Craft Month - Day 25

Okay, like the Barbie videos, I may have overdone it a little with the notebook tutorials. I promise this will be the last notebook tutorial I'll share with you guys. The thing is that this video tutorial shows you how to make a Nutella-shaped notebook which isn't really "Wow" but it gives you the basics which you can use to shape the notebook into whatever you want.

HelloMaphie shows you how to shape your notebook and basically all you need (besides the notebook of course) is an image of the shape/form you'll glue to the front, a very good cutting blade, and a nail file. (Yes, nail file. You'll see why.)

This may not be something I personally would do because it'd be so hard to shape a notebook into Laz Alonso or Charlie Hunnam, but I know of some older kids that would definitely like to try this project on. You may know some, too. (◕ᴗ◕✿)

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