1st Birthday Invitations - Crayon Boxes

When I turned 5 years old, I was given a stuffed dog.  He was yellow with floppy blue ears and colored paws.  I still own him.  LM has a similar dog (more on how he came to own it on another day).  His is the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy.

Because of how this stuffed dog came to be in our lives, we decided to use it as a theme for LM's 1st birthday.  It's not actually something you can go and buy at your party supply place, but I thought crayon box invitations would be a good start. 

Some of the SMS messages we receive are from Toys 'R Us, so when we got the one about a sale on Crayola crayons, we took advantage.  I love crayons, but I love Crayola crayons most.  We had a couple of boxes leftover, but I know they won't go to waste.  I used them for the invitations for my king's first birthday.  The template itself I got from the Chica and Jo website.  The poem on the back translates to "Before I was the dream of my parents. Now I am the happiness of my home."  It goes on to say 'my parents invite you to celebrate my first year' and the event information.
(for obvious reasons I've blocked out some info)

Everything else, is kind of let's wait and see.  For now, I'm just sure we're serving doughnuts (what?! no cuppies?!?!).  LOL

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