First Birthday & Another Challenge

I've been working on my baby's first birthday which is coming soon and looking for inspiration for the Knockoff Challenge from The CSI Project.

The birthday isn't going exactly as I wanted and hopefully that will change.  It's hard when you spend such a long time expecting something and then that's ripped away from you when you're almost there, but I've learned that when you're in the circumstances I'm in you've got to adapt (which does not mean completely give in/up).

Anyways, I've printed up and put together a couple of the invitations and have gotten positive responses from those who've received them.  They're clever invites and sort of go with the theme we've chosen.  I'm also working on a mini scrap-guestbook to have it as a keepsake. 

As for the Knockoff Challenge, I'm looking through different jewelry pieces (of course).  I don't want anything too simple.  I want a challenge.  I mean, if it's too simple then there really is no "challenge" involved, don't you think?

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