A Feel Good Moment

I normally don't sleep that great (we cosleep) but I've been sleeping worse since Tuesday.  I keep waking up during the night because of the same nightmare.  It's different scenarios but basically the same thing.  I keep waking up with my heart pounding in my chest and a knot in my throat.  I want to just let out a big loud cry but I just hug LM and kiss him.  Hopefully, it'll be over soon.  But, I read an article today that I prefer writing about.  Something good.

About a year ago, a couple from South Carolina found that the wife was going into kidney failure and was in need of a transplant.  Although she was put on a waiting list, her husband didn't think they'd find a donor in time so he took matters into his own hands.  This man made a sandwich board that read "Need Kidney 4 Wife" and walked with a bum knee over 10 miles in his hometown.  Like many stories, his went viral and they received calls from all over the world of people wanting to donate.  This man kept walking hoping to help his wife and it was only just recently that a woman from Virginia Beach offered her kidney and resulted as a match. 
There are a lot of times I lose faith in humanity, but then I come across stories like this one and my faith is restored.  So many people find themselves in a position where they feel there is nothing they can do and just depend on hope.  I wonder if he would've discussed this idea of his with anyone if they would've told him he was crazy or that it wouldn't work.  I wonder if he himself at any moment thought it wouldn't work.  If he did, he didn't give up...and it paid off.  What a person does for love.  =oD

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