Knockoffs from Gemma Redux

After looking at all the inspiration over and over, I finally settled on these earrings from Gemma Redux.  The originals are gorgeous earrings.  I just don't have $343 just lying around.

First thing I noticed was that they're metal.  I really want to learn how to work with metal and thought it was a good challenge.  Of course I used an aluminum sheet instead, but it didn't quite work out as well as I thought it would so I opted for aluminum wire.  Originally, I also wanted to use something that I could replicate in resin but, as much as I tried, time wasn't on my side again.  Still, I'm not upset at the outcome. 

After a few times of practicing, I was able to get something I liked.  I ended up only making one, but I think I may complete the pair later on.  Maybe even make a matching necklace.

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