Project Runway Season 14 Scorecard: Episode 1 - Mad Dash Mayhem

Mad Dash Mayhem - Project Runway recap (14x01)

Okay, not as exciting as some of the previous season openings, but that's okay. I love this show anyway.

Project Runway Season 14 Designers

Filling out my scorecard was pretty easy. Maybe easier than I thought it would be since I chose so many of them. I don't know. Most of these fashion designers don't seem up to par with designers from previous Project Runway seasons. If they were to compete in an All-Stars, they'd probably be eliminated. Well, most of them at least....I have my faves. (◠ᴗ◕✿)

As soon as those designs walked down that runway, I knew who was going to leave. A sad departure for that cutie. Did you see them? Spoiler alert if you haven't: the photos in the slideshow not only have notes made by me, but also the results of the episode:

I thought I'd write a recap, but it's just...this show...these's too much. It's sort of like ಠ_ಠ. So, instead I made a...vodcast? I'm new with these tech terms. I think that's what it's called. Well, not maybe a vodcast, but something very similar. You can check it out below or on my YouTube channel. Which, if you're subscribed thanks, but if you're'd be nice if you were (◠ᴗ◕✿). Right under the video you can take a look at my fantasy Project Runway scorecard.

After this first episode, my Project Runway scorecard looked like this:

Fantasy Project Runway Season 14 Scorecard - Mad Dash Mayhem (14x01)

What did you think of these designers on their first time out on the Project Runway runway?

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