Celebrate the Baguette with These Recipes

Celebrate the Baguette with These Recipes
On September 13 1993, France passed a law that stated that for a baguette to be considered as such it must be made in the same place as it is sold, it must use only four ingredients (flour, salt, baker's yeast, and water), and it should at no moment be frozen.

For this 22nd anniversary, those at Google shared this Doodle with us (which is how I found out about this).

22nd Anniversary Baguette Law

The baguette is known for it's long shape and crispy crust. It reminds me of the "pan de agua" in Puerto Rico (which is also made of the same four ingredients). Personally, I love bread. I haven't had a baguette in over 20 years, but we had "pan de agua" (water bread) about two weeks ago. We've eliminated white bread from our diets almost completely, but you have to understand..."pan de agua" is sooo delicious. If you've had baguettes, then I'm sure you understand why I give in at times. (◠ᴗ◕✿)

Reading about this law DID get me in the mood to maybe attempt a baguette some time before the year is over. Then, looking for recipes to share with you, I looked for recipes for "pan de agua" and think I may try it as well. There are a lot of recipes around, but of the ones I came across, I preferred these:

Baguette and "Pan de Agua" Recipes (from top to bottom)
  1. French Baguette (from the awesome Julia Childs)
  2. Easy Four-Hour French Baguette (from FarmGirl Fare)
  3. French Baguette (from Them Apples)
  4. Pan de Agua (from El Boricua)

If you try these, or any other baguette recipe, I'd love to see how it went. If you blogged about it, leave me the link and if you didn't but have pics share them with me on Twitter or Instagram @ThatNewMommy. (◕ᴗ◕✿)

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