Toddler Craft - Paper Roll Tube Binoculars

DIY Paper Roll Tube Binoculars + 3 More Crafts
DIY Paper Roll Tube Binoculars

I love creating and crafting. I always hoped if I had a kid he or she would be into making, too. It's why I had my king doodling as soon as he was able to hold things with his hands. Know what? He LOVES it!

We're always either building things out of blocks and/or boxes or we're drawing, coloring, painting, etc. Whatever we're in the mood to when the urge to play and create comes up. Sometimes, I steer a bit. Like a canvas I had him do the background on (he went to crazy on that) and like on this project. I said to him we were going to do something and started prepping the paper roll tubes. He loves painting and although he helped paint them white, he then insisted on using only markers to decorate them.

I'm slightly hoardish. (¬_¬✿) This is possibly part of the crafter in me, but I just don't like creating so much waste so I save some stuff for "later use". (◠ᴗ◕✿) My partner sometimes pokes fun at me, but when he's working on something and he's missing something...guess who he asks? Yup. The hoarder. (^ᗨ^✿)

But for some reason, when I decided to make these paper roll tube binoculars, guess what I didn't have a lot of? So, being the resourceful person that I am, I grabbed one of the Christmas wrapping paper rolls and gently removed the core which I then cut to size (which is why the binoculars are different sizes).

Binoculars from Paper Roll Tubes

Materials & Tools:

  • paper roll tubes (I painted mine white. Make sure they're dry before using.)
  • scissors (and cutting blade for adult use but not needed)
  • hot glue (used by adult, please)
  • ribbon
  • paint, markers, stickers, construction paper, anything your child would like to decorate with
  • glue (for construction paper or other decor objects that need gluing)


  1. Make a slit on each paper roll tub towards one of the ends. If you don't have a cutting blade, carefully use your scissors. I recommend a cutting blade because using scissors may bend the paper roll tube.
  2. Let your little one go crazy and decorate the tubes any way he or she wants. Put out a variety of objects they can choose from if they are very young. In my case, I asked my king what he wanted to use and he just wanted markers. I tried to convince him to use paint and stickers but he didn't want to. Oh, well.(^ᗨ^✿)
  3. ADULTS ONLY: Once everything is dry, glue the two paper roll tubes together with the slits on opposite sides yet on the same end. (Much easier to to understand if you see it.)
  4. Slip one end of the ribbon into a slit and knot it. Slip the other end into the second slit.
  5. Place the binoculars and ribbon over your child's head and measure out how long it should so that he or she can easily slip it on and off.
  6. Once measured, grasp the unknotted ribbon end with your hand and pull the binoculars off. Knot and cut the remaining ribbon. trim ends from both knots.
  7. Have fun!

We like to play "Veo, Veo" (I Spy) a lot. It's fun to watch my king try to steer and look for what I'm spying with his binoculars! (^ᗨ^✿)

You can also use paper roll tubes as megaphones, circle and heart stamps, or even as organizers (putting them in a bin or drawer). If you're child is maybe too old for these, I included three other cool paper roll tube crafts he or she may enjoy. Personally? I think I'll try the gnome ones in the future. I love Gnomes.

DIY Paper Roll Tube Crafts (from top to bottom)
  1. Rockets from Glue & Glitter
  2. Faux Plants from PinkStripeySocks
  3. Gnomes from matsutake

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