Project Runway Season 14 Scorecard: Episode 6 - Lace to the Finish

Lace to the Finish - Project Runway recap (14x06)

Project Runway Season 14 Designers

The client is...HEIDI!!! I love it when Heidi's the client. I love Heidi Klum. LOVE her. She has always been such a goofball. It's why I loved she was hostuing Project Runway and why I thought it was awesome for her to get on America's Got Talent as a judge. Basically, if she's coming out on TV for whatever, I'm watching it. LOL

And every time Project Runway has a chellenge in which the client is Heidi...I love it. She is no joke tough. Or maybe I should say, she is all joke tough. She will make fun of whatever you design and let you know you are going in the wrong direction. All without hiding funny faces or scowls. In "Lace to the Finish", Edmond thought she was jokling when she called him Captain Tacky. No darling, she is very serious. LOL

Here is the vodcast for episode six's recap. Remember to scroll down for this episode's slideshow:

My notes and judges' decisions from the "Lace to the Finish" episode:

Even though it wasn't my favorite, I LOVE that Merline got her first win. She is underestimated by some and she shouldn't be. I still want to hang with her because she seems like so much fun. Truthfully, though, the smile side was hard to rate again. I didn't really like them, but I tried to pretend I'd wear them and which one would I wear first. (^ᗨ^✿)

Fantasy Project Runway Season 14 Scorecard - Lace to the Finish (14x06)

What did you think about the Heidi Klum challenge?

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