Project Runway Season 14 Scorecard: Episode 3 - Shut Up & Sew

It's All in the Cards - Project Runway recap (14x02)

Project Runway Season 14 Designers

If an unconventional challenge isn't a Project Runway designer's worst nightmare, then it's a team challenge. (^ᗨ^✿) Tsk, tsk, tsk. This is when you find out which people do not know how to work with others. "Shut up and Sew", season 14's third episode, was no exception.

If you didn't know by now, not only is he on my "Grin" side of the scorecard but I have a thing for Edmond. (◕ε◕✿) This episode was a hard one for him. I really felt bad. We also got to see Joseph's d!c& side. Not cool at all. Here's the slideshow "Shut Up and Sew" (including my notes AND the results form the show):

From my YouTube channel, here's this episode's vodcast (including my honestly honest unfiltered mouth).

And, of course, my fantasy Project Runway scorecard. Edmond was doing so well...until he got paired up with Hanmiao. Btw, the number with the stars is how many challenges that person has won if any.:

Fantasy Project Runway Season 14 Scorecard - Shut Up & Sew (14x03)

What did you think of "Shut Up & Sew"?

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